Luis is a true warrior of the light, who shares his thirst for knowledge and love for the arts with all who he encounters.

Luis is the result of the impact of being exposed to art at an early age, and believes that the values, perspective, and self confidence he has today come from his exposure to theatre, dance, literature, and music. He has worked with community projects since he was 14 and now that he is reaching his own dreams, his goal is to help others reach theirs. His commitment to “being the change he wishes to see” has led to the creation of Luis’ non-profit organization, R.Evolución Latina. His commitment to art, culture and social change makes him a true leader of this organization that serves as an advocate and forum of growth for the Latino community. As founder and director of R.Evolución Latina he has fostered growth and empowered for over 800 artists and 3,000 children through art programming. Luis is dedicated to R.Evolución Latina’s mission of Making a Difference Through the Arts using the philosophy of DARING TO GO BEYOND.

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